The BETKI s.r.o. company provides design, supply, installation and maintenance services in machinery industry. We deal with machinery deliveries for light engineering, automotive, rubber industry up to heavy engineering and power engineering.

It is our mission to save your resources by choosing the most suitable manufacturing technology for each component with regards to function, lifetime and produced quantity…


Mechanical engineering is a main pillar in every area of industry. We can be your stable pillar in this area.

Do you need to create a product, but you do not have experience for its design and manufacturing?

    • We offer solutions from the idea to implementation
    • Long-term experience with 3D CAD deployment
    • Virtual prototypes and simulations
    • Experience in a wide range of production technologies
    • Experience with piece and mass production

Latest Products


It is designed for cutting PUR blocks. The saw sheet approaches the block quickly and automatically. The rear wall of the saw is movable and allows the block to be clamped. There is a rotating table in the lower frame of the machine. Minimum dimensions foam buns width 800 mm, height 1550 mm, depth 835 mm. Maximum dimensions foam buns width 1820 mm, height 3000 mm, depth 1750 mm. Bandsaw has a vertical axis of the wheel. The saw band has a speed of 17.5 m/s at 50Hz. Motor output of 2.2 kW. Speed is adjustable. The saw moves vertically from above – downwards. The saw has a lifting speed of 10 m/min at 50Hz. Motor output of 3.0 kW. Speed is adjustable. Rear, movable wall for depth adjustment. The maximum depth of the notch 200 mm. Adjustable range of 835 - 1750 mm from the blade saw. The foam buns is clamped to the back wall. The actuator is pneumatic. Control is manual. Lifting and rotating table. Manually rotating the foam bun in the machine. Founding foam buns into the machine - elevating technique. It is believed the manual handling of foam bun inside the machine. High-speed door Hörmann, type V 5015 SEL, width 2.5 m, height 3.5 m, with control box BK150FUEH. Covering - the entire machine is covered with polycarbonate panels.Covering - the entire machine is covered with polycarbonate panels. Line laser for marking the position of the cut, the type of 24V AC/DC - 5mW. Automatic or manual machine mode. Vacuum hose connected to the saw´a dust collection port. Electrical installations Supply voltage 400V, Power system TN-S 3F + PE protective and occupational N Maximum current 32A Nominal frequency 50 Hz Performance 14kW Supply voltage control circuit 230V/24V DC, system control circuits PELV Supply voltage control inputs 24V DC Control system Schneider M238 Air installation Unadjusted air 25 µm P max. 6 bar Pneumatic components Festo Filtration Type filtration bag filter PFV 2/2-630/2000 Total suction power 4 - 5000 m3/h The volume of bags 4 x 300 l Pipeline VZT ircular galvanized sk: I, SPIRO The level sensor (full) NIVELCO RLH-302-E